What Makes the Perfect Fries?

While French fries seem to look and taste the same, there is actually a variety that stands out from the rest. Who makes the best french fries? Why are they perfect? Keep reading to know the qualities of the perfect fries. The next time you head to the frozen food section for fries, you already know what to pick.

Crunchy Exterior

Everyone loves a crispy fry; however, what makes it crispy and when can you achieve that crispiness? Some experts in the industry say that crispy fries come from small micro-bubbles on the fry’s surface. Such bubbles increase surface area which makes them crunchier. This layer’s thickness must be cut to the perfect width which adds crispiness because it can be hard when it’s too thick. The frying process synergizes with the fry’s natural crispiness and the oil brings out its natural nuttiness.

Fluffy Interior

The fry’s crispy exterior must always result in a fluffy interior. Less-than-perfect fries tend to be gummy and pasty. Additionally, the fry’s interior must taste like potato instead of other ingredients.

Light and Golden Colour

The best fry must be light and golden. Usually, their skin will indicate if they are overcooked. Fries with dark spots or burns will usually have flavours that are less than ideal.

Ability to Hold their Form

The perfect fries should be able to hold their form until you consume every piece of a serving. Apart from temperature, the last piece of fry on the plate must have the same properties of crispiness, form, and flavour as the first piece you ate.

Making the perfect fries depend on how to deal appropriately with the potato’s moisture content. Some of the moisture inside should be retained as the cooking of the potato’s starch depends on it. However, the potato will be soggy when it retains too much oil. After dropping the raw potato into the hot oil, the surface water converts into steam. It will then blast through the oil and escapes into the air, replaced by moisture.

The best potatoes for fries have thick brown skin and a creamy tan interior. When fried, they add a certain degree of nuttiness to their flavour profile. Their low water volume makes for a crisp, firm shell. In addition, their raw version produces a mouth-watering snap during the preparation. The perfect fries need to be cooked through and through, must be golden brown, can’t be limp, and should not be saturated with grease.

Post Author: Bert Vinny