June 3, 2023

Tips to Pay Heed to When Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the easiest place to get messy. When living a busy life, keeping your fridge arranged and dishes where they belong is the most neglected thing when cleaning your kitchen. This article helps you in deep cleaning your kitchen the way home cleaning do it. You can either hire one or go DIY by paying heed to the tips below when it comes to keeping your cabinets neat and tidy and make your counters shine. Remember that you still have an option to hire a cleaning service.

  1. Deep cleaning sinks and taps

As sink is an ideal place for germ accumulation, you need to clean it deeply after every use. To get rid of the microbes efficiently, you need to invest in a multipurpose kitchen agent to clean your sink on a regular basis. When it comes to the fixtures, use a product particularly designed for stainless steel to get rid of fingerprints and prevent the metal damage.

  1. Deep cleaning the gas stoves

When it comes to a gas stove, you need to be well versed with cleaning the accumulated burnt on food and grime. It surely takes a lot of hard work, but understand that it’s worth it. In order to do this, you need to remove the burner grates and soak them in soapy water and make the use of the cleaning spray which is meant for removing grease and oil for the gas burners. Always use a toothbrush to make sure all the small crevices are cleaned.

  1. Deep cleaning the cabinets

As all the grease and condensation from cooking is accumulated, your kitchen cabinets also become the ideal place for germs to ground in. In order to keep your cabinets immaculately cleaned, use an oil soap wood cleaner or you can also mix some dish detergent with water. An alternative to this is using a half distilled vinegar or half water solution to spray the surfaces and wipe them off with a dry rag.


  1. Wipe the counters on a regular basis with dish detergent and water. Rinse off the soap with water and dry the surface with a paper towel.
  2. Mix a cup of bleach in a gallon of water. Now use this to spray kitchen counter to keep it germ free. Ensure to rinse the surface and dry it.
  3. Always use detergent and water to clean your cutting boards after every use and use the bleach mixture to disinfect them.
  4. Clean away all the spills. The more the food residue lingers, the easier for it to get contaminated.