Seven Reasons Renovating Your Garden Shed Might Add Value To Your Home

Properties with garden space are rising in value. Since 2020, demand for outdoor space has considerably increased and, while it has now slowed down, garden popularity has remained the same. This, however, doesn’t mean that a garden is automatically valuable to a home. In fact, as they demand a greater asking price, more homeowners are seeking to redefine how gardens are used to ensure that they get the most return on their investment.

One of the most significant ways in which gardens are changing is in the way sheds are being renovated and redesigned. Whether you’re looking to get more value out of your home or more use out of your garden shed, here are seven ways they’re being reimagined across contemporary properties.

Dining Rooms 

Creating a bespoke dining area that is protected from the elements but still merged with the aesthetic of an outdoor space is an ideal way to encourage greater use out of a garden. Such spaces also protect dining furniture from weather-related deterioration too, helping gardens to stay looking great even in an unpredictable climate.

Sustainability Asset 

Shed used solely for storage brings little to a home’s carbon profile. However, if a shed is fitted with water collection facilities and solar panels, it can very quickly become a hub of sustainability. Some residents are even converting their outbuildings into homes for livestock, such as chickens!

Reading Room 

Sheds can be renovated or, with a little planning, entirely replaced. Log cabins and similarly bespoke outbuildings are increasingly popular, being celebrated for their tranquillity and comfort, with many choosing to create an outdoor space for their reading habits.

Sun Room, Or Solarium 

Decades ago, a solarium was once a valued part of the home. Then, these bright and beautiful spaces seemed to disappear. Now, in the wake of wellness and houseplants, they are returning again. This time, however, they are being created inside the shells of former sheds.

Play Room 

Whether a space for your children and their toys, or a contained area for a collector and their hobby, sheds can store plenty more than tools and sports equipment. In fact, some prefer to contain their interests to a shed to keep their belongings safe (or tidied) from a central living space.

Outdoor Pantry 

The outdoors can also be a useful place to extend kitchen storage space, especially for those who want to increase their culinary skills and potential. Outdoor pantries are ideal for chest freezers and dry goods that won’t otherwise fit inside a kitchen space. They can even house wine coolers and curing facilities too! 

Entertainment Studio 

If you want a private space to host movie nights or streaming sessions without distraction, then it might be worth taking your entertainment time into the garden. Outbuildings, such as renovated sheds and log cabins can become high-quality and comfortable facilities for streaming and relaxing. Just be sure to add a little soundproofing to the structure so that you don’t bother the neighbours.

Post Author: Bert Vinny