Few Amazing Cabinet Styles of Modern Kitchen

Our kitchen is one of the very important parts of every home and you can choose Omega cabinets that can be matching with the style of your home.

Following are few amazing cabinet styles you will find in the market. You can select one of these for your kitchen.

  • Veneer wood cabinet

This is most popular choice for kitchen cabinet that can offer depth and warmth to any modern kitchen. These veneer wood kitchen cabinet had been widely used in European countries and now catching up in the USA too.

Veneer can showcase wooden grains in magnificent manner.

  • Lacquered kitchen cabinets

Such kitchen cabinets are now available in shiny, bright and also rich in color. Such kitchen cabinet can be very durable and also scratch resistant.

However, for families having more children, this may not be the perfect choice as lacquer can always chip. Otherwise, this can offer you a shiny kitchen cabinet.

  • Floating shelves

You can really achieve a clean and open floor plan by replacing kitchen cabinets by installing floating shelves.

Floating shelves will add straight lines and can pair well with all types of modern/contemporary decor. Homeowners mostly choose this style for upper cabinets and have closed type cabinetry doors for bottom half of the kitchen.

  • White kitchen cabinets

White kitchens cabinets are popular for very good reason, whatever may be the style of your home, they will keep the kitchen perfectly clean even when dirty dishes are getting piled sky-high.

Such type of look can always be achieved by numerous finishes like glossy lacquer, paint, melamine, or veneer.

  • Kitchen cabinet with stained wood

This kind of stained wood style seems to be almost mixture of back-to-nature which is combined with very extreme modernism.

You can tint any doors of solid wood slab to match with any color scheme that you can choose. You must be little careful to discuss about your style with your cabinet maker.

  • Kitchen cabinets with gun metal steel

This kind of clean, minimalist style will give you the illusion, as if this is not your kitchen and your cupboards will become another piece of stylish furniture instead.

In case a hidden kitchen will appeal to you, this unique look will be yours.

  • Cabinet style with wood, paint and lacquer

You can try combination of wood at the bottom with the upper part in white lacquer. Also, you can try with veneered walnut cabinet having side panels with a shiny lacquered face.

Another option can be with upper shelves on stainless steel floating with painted wood cabinets.

Post Author: Bert Vinny