Details to Consider While Determining Fridge Positioning in The Kitchen

The refrigerator needs a substantial amount of space as well as proper positioning. Therefore, it is difficult to determine where to place a fridge in the kitchen. There are some details to keep in mind when you determine a position for the fridge.

Away from direct heat sources

Place your new LFNS22520S LG double door refrigerator with bottom freezer away from heat sources like microwave or oven as this produce plenty of heat. The fridge should also be placed away from areas that get direct sunlight.

Add storage area above 

The fridge is robust and large, so takes plenty of space in your kitchen. Thus, available storage options reduce. Fortunately, you can add customized storage cabinets or shelf above the fridge to store utensils that rarely get used but occupy space.

Open floor plan

In an open flooring plan, there are no walls. You can create an oversized space divider including the fridge and storage beside it.

Place the appliance in a closet

You can insert the fridge inside your kitchen cupboard. With doors closed, no one will know you have a fridge stashed inside the closet. A great idea for a small kitchen!

For narrow and long kitchen

In a narrow and long kitchen, the fridge is a huge issue. You can opt for a mini version and set it on the worktop or embed it under a sink for extra ergonomics.


Consider clearance for opening the door and sliding the drawers. There has to be sufficient clearance between the wall and the refrigerator for sufficient air circulation to keep the appliance cool. Check the owner’s manual to read about the recommended clearance details.


Generally, an average 120V power outlet is needed and it has to be nearby because power cords included in the fridge are only 6 feet long. The outlet has to be connected to a distinct circuit, to avoid outage during a malfunction of the appliance.


If you choose a model with water & ice dispenser, a water supply line nearby is essential. The refrigerator has to be connected with the water supply line with a flexible copper tubing of 6 feet.


For proper functioning, the refrigerator needs proper leveling. It includes leveling from the back, front, and horizontally. Place bubble level tool on the top and turn adjustable feet till leveling gets accomplished. You will need pliers or a wrench to do this.

The refrigerator is used the whole day, so proper placement makes a huge difference between pleasure in cooking meals and daily frustration. Instead of sliding the fridge in an available space, consider the above features. Plan in advance to ensure successful installation without delay.