Comparing Granite And Quartz For Kitchen Countertops: Guide For Homeowners!

Homeowners often have a tough time choosing materials for their kitchen. Your kitchen is one of the most functional areas of the house, and while styles, design and aesthetics do matter, durability and function need more attention. When it comes to custom kitchen countertops, there are a wide range of options – marble, granite, soapstone, quartz and more. Two of the popular choices include granite and quartz. Before you go ahead and talk to an installation service, here is a quick comparison between the two.

Knowing the basics

Granite is 100% natural stone, which is mined and cut as required. It is polished to get that finish we all know. Quartzcountertops, on the other hand, are made of 95% quartz, with 5% polymer resins. In terms of appearance, both granite and quartz stand out. Granite fits into all kinds of interior themes, and so does quartz. It really depends on personal choice. Granite, being a natural stone, is not always entirely uniform. As such, if you have too many countertops or worktops and would want all of them to look the same, quartz may be a better choice.


Luxury granite countertops can be expensive, but in general, quartz is more expensive than countertops. It depends a lot on what you eventually choose, and there are some really contemporary designs in quartz countertops. You can consider getting an estimate in advance for both options, and based on your budget, you can take a call. Both countertop materials are heavy, and therefore, the structure on which the actual material is installed must be sturdy. As such, pre-installation work may add to the costs.

Other things to consider

Since quartz is engineered, it is actually more durable than granite as a countertop material. Also, quartz has one advantage of requiring less transport, which means that it is more environment-friendly. However, these are small hiccups, and many homeowners still prefer granite because of its natural beauty. It should be also noted that both types of countertops must be cleaned and maintained, but there is no heavy maintenance required. Note that granite countertops may be prone to staining, but not as much as marble.

Final word

Installation also makes a big difference to the countertops, so make sure that you select a good supplier and an equally reliable installer. Don’t forget to ask for estimates, and do check as many designs as possible. The countertops should match with the rest of your kitchen interiors.

If you are planning to replace your old counters, there are a few things that you should know. This article covers all the basics when it comes to kitchen countertops halifax.