6 Advantages Of Installing Kitchen Granite Countertops

Granite is one of the most chosen natural stones by homeowners when it comes to selecting the materials for their kitchen countertops. Such stone is versatile and reflects elegance and add more glamour in your kitchen. Apart from the dominance of beauty and classy display, the granite custom countertops in Houston are popular for its heat resistance and scratch free features.

Let’s take a quick look at the top 6- Advantages of installing granite countertops-


Looks is one of the top reasons to select this stone for kitchen slabs. Kitchens with granite countertops look marvelous. You can get the rock slabs in different colors and vein contours. Select the one that touches you the most for your kitchen sink tops or slabs to place the oven. The natural look of the rock will increase the glamor of your kitchen per excellence.


Being a plutonic or igneous rock, granite is very sturdy. Minerals like potassium feldspar and quartz mainly help the rock to crystallize. The granules inside the rock give it a beautiful and natural texture altogether. Besides the aesthetic approach, durability is one of the most sought after features that convince people to select granite for their countertops.

Easy maintenance

After you finish cooking spray some warm water and rub the countertops with a clean cotton towel. Once in a day cleaning is enough to maintain the stunning rocks.


One of the biggest advantages of the granite is the reparability. There are experts who know how to repair any damage on the stone. Either they can replace the whole slab or can fix the certain section that needs repairing.

Heat/Cold Resistant-

The granite countertops are growing its popularity for resisting both heat and cold. You can keep the hot cooking pan on top the rock and can also put the cold milk pot or the ice on the countertop after taking out from the refrigerator.

Scratch Resistant-

Don’t worry to cut on top of a granite countertop in your kitchen. Usually, the stone is absolutely resistant to scratches. But this feature is mainly offered on some engineered and contrived slabs. Therefore, ensure about the feature before you cut vegetables or meat on top of the stone.

Along with the countertop, you can get the relevant accessories such as sink or tiles in granite. Let the designer find out the best picks for you while you are revamping or constructing the new kitchen.

Post Author: Bert Vinny