5 Incredible Tips For Planning The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen!

Having an outdoor kitchen always works for homes with available outdoor space. Designing an outdoor kitchen, however, requires planning and understanding of various elements. From the initial conceptualization to eventual selection of materials, equipment, and installation, every part of the project is critical for the final outcome. In this post, we are sharing more practical ideas for your outdoor kitchen.

  • Figure out the basic requirements. Do you need a fully-functional kitchen? Or is it enough to have space for BBQ sessions with friends and family? The budget will depend on your requirements, and we recommend that you think of long-term needs before taking the final call.
  • Find a good design & installation service. This makes a big difference to the final project. You have to select a reliable company that can offer ideas and execute plans within a budget. Ask them for custom designs that may work for your outdoor space, and ensure that everything is mentioned on paper. Also, check some of their latest projects and get references, if required.

  • Think of additional things. Besides the outdoor kitchen setup, you may want a patio, desk, or an open space to enjoy family time or party with friends. That will add to the cost of the project, and it is always wise to plan everything ahead, so that you have a realistic understanding of the final spending.
  • Make a list of equipment. For outdoor kitchens, you have to consider weather elements and must buy equipment, kitchen tools and accessories that can withstand basic weather elements. Equipment often cost the highest, and it is best to invest in products that are more likely to be used. For instance, if you don’t want a big hob, you can skip that.
  • Maintenance matters. You would want maintenance of your outdoor kitchen to be as simple and basic as possible. Ensure that you go for materials that don’t need extreme care. Stainless steel countertops are great for outdoor spaces, or else, you can go for granite that’s not as prone to staining as marble.

Lastly, ensure that the design and theme complement the architecture of your home. The outdoor kitchen should feel like an extension of your interiors, so some things should be in common. Also, when you work with a design & installation service, ask them for a deadline for the project, review work from time to time, and stay involved to the best possible extent.

Post Author: Bert Vinny